Monday, 10 December 2012

Clashes in the Badlands

 Halal and his growing retinue

The Battle for the Forgotten Tomb

 The Lost Brothers of the Flayed Raven Stubbornly 
hold the tomb against waves of attackers.

The Shadow Alliance fight Heinrich in the 
lost city- (could it be R’lyeh?)

A lot of painting has gone into Shadow 
Alliance and it's looking good.

After single handily slaying a unit of pistolers 
Balethor contemplates his next move

A Knight of the Golden Claw thunders 
through the ruins of the lost city

Johan's Foragers fight for their lives. 
Everyone of Johan's shots proving to be deadly.

The Thunder Mountain Clan is Ambushed by the 
Shadow Alliance  on edge of the lost city

Tyrak and Halal seek one another out to prove who 
has the rightto lead the Ogre clans in the Badlands. 
Tyrak has Halals force on the back foot, 
but underestimates his opponents sheer will power.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Letter from the Temple of Ulric

Dear Heinrich

It seems the Adalwulf is struggling in the wolf plains.
Through the thick snow drifts a wolf must stalk his prey. Relentless. Starvation only drives him further and harder in pursuit of his prey, until it simply lies down, defeated. Then the wolf savors his kill. Like the wolf, you must out last your prey, until all of the Badlands lie at your feet, defeated.

 We cannot send troops, you need to show a definite economic return for that investment. What aid we can send is some supplies with a quartermaster to equip local levies that you have mustered.

The Temple of Sigmar caught wind of your run in with the "Raven Gods" followers. No doubt our rivals have spies intercepting our correspondence. Dam! Our brothers in arms!! They have long traded their true god, Ulric, for the compassionate man god, Sigmar, and that they will do anything to have us defaced to the Emperor. They forget it was Ulric who aloud Sigmar to have his blessing and achieve to greatness  ...

They are sending one of their agents, Jonas Silvershot, a witch hunter, to "Aid your fight against Chaos". Be careful of him. Keep him close but not too close.

Your Ar Ulric looks forward to your next correspondence 'Noble Wolf'.

Winter is coming

Snr Secretary of The Temple of Ulric

Escalation League (The Empire)

Heroes - 126
Heinrich von Adalwulf (Captain of the Empire) (71)
Enchanted Shield; full plate armour.

Jonas Silvershot (Witch Hunter) (55)
brace of pistols.

Core - 534
Johan's Foragers (10 Archers) (70)

The Golden Dragon's Claw (5 Empire Knights) (140)
Preceptor; musician; standard bearer; Warhorse.

Men Of Devonhiem (34 Halberdiers) (324)
Sergeant; musician; standard bearer.
• 10 Crossbowmen

Special - 90
The Caravan Escorts (5 Pistoliers) (90)

Visions of the flayed Raven

From Hans van peterson- Badlands frontiersman.

When they found me I was in a daze in the forest. I don't know how I got there. I must of been  wandering all night drawn by the chanting. I can't stop the dreams now. I've seen too much, I want to take it back.

I've  found scrolls nailed to the tree's and terrible fetishes hanging from the branches, I stared at them for a long time and felt my existence melt away. 

I wish I had never seen that figure in black , he told me the truth he said- " Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras eget quam odio. Vivamus at nibh vitae lorem sagittis placerat. Nulla gravida sapien luctus tortor ultricies vitae aliquet nunc porta. Nullam urna nisl, tincidunt nec sollicitudin sed, tristique lacinia magna. Etiam quam mi, scelerisque et mattis quis, commodo in quam. Praesent sed enim id diam luctus pharetra. Praesent in nunc leo. Nullam nec congue metus. Ut quis nisl in mi iaculis porttitor. Etiam eget velit quis libero aliquet pharetra. Fusce auctor suscipit ante vel accumsan. Nunc leo diam, euismod sit amet fermentum non,

Hans has since been tried and burned for being a Hertic and witch sympithiser - Jonas Silvershot

The unstoppable Maw Feeders

Something was amiss in the badlands…
The tribe had travelled these paths before yet never had they been accosted by so many hostile factions. The followers of Chaos, The men of the Empire, and Elves both Dark and Fae had challenged the Maw Feeders over the past fortnight. Challenged however may be a strong word as each were swept away in the tide of the Maw Feeders’ charge.
The Iron Teeth were drunk on the sensation of their own invincibility, never broken, never defeated, they chanted old Ironguts fighting songs as they continued on their long march. One Irongut, by the name of Snaggletooth, had shown himself to be louder, stronger and more vicious than the others and would now champion the Iron Teeth in their next engagement.
The same invulnerability could not be ascribed to the Ogres of The Stampede. One would never say it to their faces but on occasion, fear was visible in the eyes of these behemoths. It was as if every bolt, arrow and lance had been aimed squarely at them over the past weeks and rarely had they made it through a battle free of injury. They had been sucked into the Chaos wastes and it had taken days of pummeling Demons into submission before anyone let them out. The greatest insult however was the unfortunate crippling of a Mournfang after tripping on an exposed root!
Near the beginning of their third week in the Badlands, Halal smelled a familiar aroma on the breeze and the Maw Feeders went to investigate. Cresting a rocky outcrop they beheld a small group of their Ogre brethren roasting a Rhinox haunch over a fire pit. Amiable enough at first, these new Ogres began to resist as Halal informed them that they would henceforth be under his command. Their rebellion however was short lived thanks to a mighty hammer blow from Snaggletooth crushing their leader’s skull while he was still buckling on his gut-plate.
Halal slept well that night, dreaming of slaughters past and of those still to come. And in his dreams the voice came to him once more. “You have feasted well these weeks Butcher, and through you, so have I. Consider this a small token of my appreciation”. He woke hungrier than ever, with the taste of blood in his mouth and full of a power so great that his next enemies would pale and quake before him…

Tyrak - Thunder Mountain Clan

They were on the move again.
Food sources had become scarce around the Ogres encampment.
Tyrak and his small tribe had been roaming the great mountain peaks for 4 seasons and had decided venture further west than ever before this time. Heading down the slopes towards the wide open plains of the badlands, small towns and villages started to become visible in the distance,
food and plunder were down there to be had the whole tribe could feel it in there Guts. As they neared the bottom of the mountain they came out at head of a small river that poured out from its source in the hill side.

"Man Flesh!" Roared Tyrak in delight.
A human hunting outpost stood across the river from them, sore and hungry from travel the tribe screamed though the water and the butchery began.
Nothing edible was left untouched the Ogres ripped through there only to leave a rubble in their wake.
The Tribe push on quickly after there gorge - Insatiable was there hunger, this small bite was not enough.
Tyrak had never tasted man, beasts, green skins and the odd dwarf were their diet in mountain.
So sweet was the flesh of man.
He wanted more!!

Tyrak - Thunder Mountain Clan

Heroes - 151

Tyrak -
Bruiser (151)
Talisman Of Endurance; Potion Of Foolhardiness; great weapon.

Core - 226

Mountain Bulls -
3 Ogres (113)
Crusher; Bellower;additional hand weapons.

Stone Crushers
3 Ogres (113)
Crusher: Bellower;additional hand weapons.

Special - 372

Thunder Cats -
2 Mournfang Cavalry (130)

The Brothers Grimm
3 Maneaters (152)

1× additional hand weapon; Immune to Psychology; Scouts.

Ghost -
Gorger (90)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Shadow alliance - reinforcements from the forest

As time passed Balethor had noticed growing numbers of strange beings entering his forest.

No longer was it small groups of men walking scared into the forest or marauders looking for trees for fuel. This was something new. Men clad in steel from head to toe and great beasts of flesh riding even bigger monsters.

From small quick encounters with these foes Balethor could tell he needed help the ogres could not be slowed down no matter what they were hit buy. The knights not even noticing arrows as they bounced off there steel shell.

Balethor knew only one place he could go. He headed deep into the forest searching for allies right in the heart he traveled the trees so thick no light hit the ground. As he headed deeper he could feel eyes watching him, he could feel them in the darkness. Balethor knew he was on the right track then he stepped into a clearing where a massive gigantic tree stood proud bathed in moonlight. Suddenly with an earth shattering rubble the tree began to move turning around. Balethor could now see the face of a great wise Treeman.

“Who are you” roared the treeman his voice boomed throughout the clearing. “I am Balethor of the shadow alliance”. “Ha Shadow alliance Ha am I meant to be impressed that means nothing here” “ you think running around in the shadows makes you strong?”. Balethor Stared into the eyes of the treeman angry at what he had said but keeping calm

“I protect these woods, I protect you”

“I DON’T NEED YOU” the trees around shaking and many animals scattered from the Treemans awesome power

“surely you have seen and heard there are more now than ever entering our forest our home, you cannot just sit there doing nothing” Balethors Temper Rising fist clenched by his sides he could feel his muscles tighten as they do just before battle.

The Treeman just stood there staring at Balethor, He could feel his gaze almost like it was looking into him. “You are no ordinary elf I can see great power and determination within you”. “You Don’t understand it yet but it makes a great warrior and leader”

“I shall lead you help Balethor I give you some of the finest warriors in this forest the tough, Resilient Treekin”
Three monstrous Beings emerged from the dense forest behind Balethor each far bigger than Balethor. Balethor had never seen these creatures but there presence on the battle field he felt would be something to behold. As they entered the clearing they bowed before him pledging there allegiance to his cause. ”prove yourself worthy of command and I will send more”.

While travelling back to his home Balethor could not quite understand what changed the treemans mind about him. However this question would have to wait greater enemies were approaching he could see fires from camps across the land stretching out as far as he could see. He knew this was just the first step.

list as follows
Tel' Sindavathar (The Shadow Alliance)

Noble - Alter Kindred, Seed of Rebirth, shield, bow of Loren

The Shadows
12x Glade Guard - muso

The Wicked
8x Dryads

8x Dryads


3x Treekin