Monday, 10 December 2012

Clashes in the Badlands

 Halal and his growing retinue

The Battle for the Forgotten Tomb

 The Lost Brothers of the Flayed Raven Stubbornly 
hold the tomb against waves of attackers.

The Shadow Alliance fight Heinrich in the 
lost city- (could it be R’lyeh?)

A lot of painting has gone into Shadow 
Alliance and it's looking good.

After single handily slaying a unit of pistolers 
Balethor contemplates his next move

A Knight of the Golden Claw thunders 
through the ruins of the lost city

Johan's Foragers fight for their lives. 
Everyone of Johan's shots proving to be deadly.

The Thunder Mountain Clan is Ambushed by the 
Shadow Alliance  on edge of the lost city

Tyrak and Halal seek one another out to prove who 
has the rightto lead the Ogre clans in the Badlands. 
Tyrak has Halals force on the back foot, 
but underestimates his opponents sheer will power.

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