Sunday, 9 December 2012

Tyrak - Thunder Mountain Clan

They were on the move again.
Food sources had become scarce around the Ogres encampment.
Tyrak and his small tribe had been roaming the great mountain peaks for 4 seasons and had decided venture further west than ever before this time. Heading down the slopes towards the wide open plains of the badlands, small towns and villages started to become visible in the distance,
food and plunder were down there to be had the whole tribe could feel it in there Guts. As they neared the bottom of the mountain they came out at head of a small river that poured out from its source in the hill side.

"Man Flesh!" Roared Tyrak in delight.
A human hunting outpost stood across the river from them, sore and hungry from travel the tribe screamed though the water and the butchery began.
Nothing edible was left untouched the Ogres ripped through there only to leave a rubble in their wake.
The Tribe push on quickly after there gorge - Insatiable was there hunger, this small bite was not enough.
Tyrak had never tasted man, beasts, green skins and the odd dwarf were their diet in mountain.
So sweet was the flesh of man.
He wanted more!!

Tyrak - Thunder Mountain Clan

Heroes - 151

Tyrak -
Bruiser (151)
Talisman Of Endurance; Potion Of Foolhardiness; great weapon.

Core - 226

Mountain Bulls -
3 Ogres (113)
Crusher; Bellower;additional hand weapons.

Stone Crushers
3 Ogres (113)
Crusher: Bellower;additional hand weapons.

Special - 372

Thunder Cats -
2 Mournfang Cavalry (130)

The Brothers Grimm
3 Maneaters (152)

1× additional hand weapon; Immune to Psychology; Scouts.

Ghost -
Gorger (90)

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