Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Excerpts from the writings of Viktor von Tepes to his master

After entering the Badlands on your behest, I proceeded to send out my hounds to scout out the land ahead of me. Through these minions I discovered a group of elvish foreigners that appeared to the of the Druchii origin judging on your teachings of war. Recognising that their leader had dark powers, and that she may have been there to thwart our exploration I decided that is was necessary to remove this minor threat, also sating my thirst on these mortals would provide some amusement.
Meeting these Druchii on the field I sent the hounds forward to remove the threat of their crossbows, whilst I managed to hold back the winged horrors from charging forward to rend and tear. The battle was short lived, whilst their bolts made short work of the hounds, our numbers took their toll. Many Druchii fell beneath my sword, though I did not manage to interrogate the elven witch myself as she fled from the horrors, whether she was torn asunder by them I did not know. These lands are filled with the dead, the winds of magic have seep deep into the earth,

The Badlands have the makings for the beginnings of the greatest Vampire Empire, from which we shall rule the world

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