Sunday, 9 December 2012

Letter from the Temple of Ulric

Dear Heinrich

It seems the Adalwulf is struggling in the wolf plains.
Through the thick snow drifts a wolf must stalk his prey. Relentless. Starvation only drives him further and harder in pursuit of his prey, until it simply lies down, defeated. Then the wolf savors his kill. Like the wolf, you must out last your prey, until all of the Badlands lie at your feet, defeated.

 We cannot send troops, you need to show a definite economic return for that investment. What aid we can send is some supplies with a quartermaster to equip local levies that you have mustered.

The Temple of Sigmar caught wind of your run in with the "Raven Gods" followers. No doubt our rivals have spies intercepting our correspondence. Dam! Our brothers in arms!! They have long traded their true god, Ulric, for the compassionate man god, Sigmar, and that they will do anything to have us defaced to the Emperor. They forget it was Ulric who aloud Sigmar to have his blessing and achieve to greatness  ...

They are sending one of their agents, Jonas Silvershot, a witch hunter, to "Aid your fight against Chaos". Be careful of him. Keep him close but not too close.

Your Ar Ulric looks forward to your next correspondence 'Noble Wolf'.

Winter is coming

Snr Secretary of The Temple of Ulric

Escalation League (The Empire)

Heroes - 126
Heinrich von Adalwulf (Captain of the Empire) (71)
Enchanted Shield; full plate armour.

Jonas Silvershot (Witch Hunter) (55)
brace of pistols.

Core - 534
Johan's Foragers (10 Archers) (70)

The Golden Dragon's Claw (5 Empire Knights) (140)
Preceptor; musician; standard bearer; Warhorse.

Men Of Devonhiem (34 Halberdiers) (324)
Sergeant; musician; standard bearer.
• 10 Crossbowmen

Special - 90
The Caravan Escorts (5 Pistoliers) (90)

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