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Armies of the Badlands- Heinrich von Adalwulf, The Empire

Heinrich von Adalwulf, The Empire

Heinrich, the oldest son in the powerful Middenheim Gulstrach family, learned his father’s business as a merchant trader and attended University in Aldorf when he was younger. Never shy of hard work, Heinrich quickly took his father’s business to be the most profitable in Middenheim. After a few years of building a large personal fortune he abdicated from the head of his family passing the reins to his younger brother and began training with the great masters of arms within Count Boris Todbringer garrison, becoming a master with the sword and an expert in battle tactics. Feeling he needed purpose in life he joined the Temple of Ulric. The Ar Ulric, Emil Valgeir, doesn't normally take recruits at Heinrichs age but his talents could not be wasted.
Winter is coming and provisions must be made.
Heinrich was given a new title, renouncing his past and his weak ancestry, Heinrich von Adalwulf, “the Noble Wolf"  and assigned to set up a trading post in the Badlands, gathering information and resources for the Temple of Ulric.
Heinrich was sent to the Badlands with small contingent of his personal Mercenaries, the Temple’s finest trackers, and the Mighty Wolf’s Hammer. The Success of the Temple’s venture into the Badlands rests purely upon Heinrich’s shoulders!

Escalation League
(The Empire)
Heroes - 68
Heinrich von Adalwulf (Captain of the Empire) (68)
full plate armour; shield.

Core - 310

Johan's Foragers (10 Archers)

The Golden Dragon's Claw (5 Empire Knights) (140)
Preceptor; musician; standard bearer; Warhorse.

The Razors (10 Swordsmen) (100)
Duellist; musician; standard bearer.

Special -
The Wolf's Hammer (Great Cannon) (120)
3× Crewman.

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