Friday, 16 November 2012

Armies of the Badlands- House Vadramea Expeditionary force

The Vadramea. A family almost unique amongst Dark Elf society for their incredibly close bonds of clan loyalty and twisted honour. Where most Druchii would happily sell their own kin for progression in the eyes of the Witch King the Vadramea were almost a race apart, often shunned and feared and always walking the fine line between out right disobedience, yet tempered by the sheer quantity of wealth and slaves they brought to Malekith.

One of the first families to discover the Underway, unlike many others they were fascinated by the evidence of an ancient culture previously unknown to the elves. The family's all powerful matron Nurisea was particularly intrigued. After many decades of study a massive expedition was embarked upon, headed by the family's infamous Black Ark "Harbinger of Sorrow". 

Sathyn Vadramea, daughter to Nurisea gripped the hand rail as her cutter sliced through the waves taking her small force closer to their destination. Her mother had become consumed by the discovery of an ancient cult, older even than the elves themselves. Worship of some kind of creature, akin yet fundamentally different to the Chaos gods themselves had been discovered in the Underway. Her mother had been receiving visions, stronger and more enthralling as time passed. She dreamed of an ancient city, sunken beneath the waves. Of artefacts so potent they could affect the Long War itself. Most of all she dreamed of the creature, lying dormant, not dead but not truly alive, waiting until the stars were right to rise once more. And when it did so House Vadramea would be waiting to embrace its power. Sathyn's mission was to gain a foothold in the badlands, where once oceans claimed the land and it was believed the ancient cult had many long lost temples and long lost power waiting to be reclaimed.

The Witch Elves and the Cult of Khaine had come close to discovering House Vadramea's heretical and unsanctioned worship of this cult and so the family had removed itself from Naggarond almost completely and committed to this new path. The fate of the entire clan rested on this expedition, either glorious vindication or ignominious failure. Sathyn was convinced her mother was leading the family to glory once more. She herself had been receiving the visions and had been leading the warriors to worship this ancient deity whose name invaded their consciousness: Kthuluu.....

House Vadramea Expeditionary force:

Sathyn Vadramea: Sorceress Level 1, Metal, Tome of Furion – 115

17 x Vadramea Household Guard (Warriors), spear, light armour, shield, standard, gleaming pennant – 130

5 x Vadramea Elite Guard (Black Guard) – 70, heavy armour, halberds
5 x Vadramea Vanguard (Shades), two weapons, repeater crossbow - 85

Bolt Thrower – 100

Grand Total: 500

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