Monday, 26 November 2012

The Scribe of the flayed Raven's

Excerpts Taken from the journal of Ozymandias the Watcher -The scribe of the Flayed Ravens.

Chapter 1.

Excerpt begins " The Flayed Ravens stood like solemn portents of doom against the stormy sky blocking the Maw Feeders advance into the Badlands. For a moment the Maw Feeders paused resembling a pack of petulant quivering lumpy children, surprised that anyone should dare oppose them. The moment passed quickly though and they hurtled themselves at Flayed Ravens.

On the flanks the Black Talon Maurader horsemen delayed they advance of Halal and Blains Marauders and the scum dogs hurtled themselves fearlessly at the Mournfang. Once again the Ogres were given pause at the share audacity of the Ravens. They do not understand every warrior has been given resolve by the tiniest glimpse of their diabolical Raven god's plan.

The battle quickly turned though, each ogre was worthy of a regiment of lesser men and the Ravens numbers were culled and scattered.  It was this moment when Ratasin - my masters diabolical interest was sparked, he left his warriors. Calmly he strode to the top of the hill showing his disdain for the enemy. I swear I saw him enveloped in a hail of red hot leadshot from the lead belches only to emerge untouched.

 He cocked his head curiously and calmly.  He encircled the foe and unleashed hell. From my vantage point I saw Mournfang and lead belches thrown like rag dolls and the Lead Belchers humbled in a blast of blue flame. They are all heathens to doubt the power of our gods" excerpt ends

Chapter 2.

Excerpt begins  " Our advancement to the badlands was hampered somewhat today. We set through the Black Mountain Forest. The woods were treacherous. We ran into contact with an unknown foe. Despite my masters implicit instructions, the Marauders drunk on glory and mead charged off to be split apart from my our main force. I'm sure they will find their way back to us soon. 

I have some theories on the foe. At first I thought they were the Asur, but the Asur would have faced us down in combat as martial honour demands. They instead flitted at the edge of our vision like tiny birds, I believe they may have been a massed force of either fey pixies or tiny gnoblars. They are the only foe I know of that displays that level of cowardice. Still it doesn't explain all the arrows. The ever wise and unknowable Ratasin, decided to depart the battle in a burst of blue flame when it seemed unwise to linger. Praise him. One paltry force of tree monsters decided to confront the Lost Brothers who carved a path of Glory straight through them. The air smelt vaguely of Rosemary and Thyme. It was unnerving" excerpt ends

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