Friday, 16 November 2012

Armies of the Badlands- The Host of the flayed Raven, Warriors of Chaos

The Host of the flayed Raven

The first imperial record regarding the army of the Flayed Ravens talks of it appearing 250 leagues deep into Imperial territory in a rare time of peace. Bizarrely the army descended on a single isolated peasants cottage with an ungodly vigour and massacred the helpless inhabitants. They disappeared when a paltry militia force was roused. Their motives have baffled scholars ever since.

The Imperial entry recounts of how the chaos worshippers crushed the Middenhiem that included Hans Gulstrach (Heirnichs great great-grandfather). The warriors of Chaos were in a perfect position to annihilate the remnants of the army and slay Hans unopposed but they instead marched off, for some incalculable reason which has baffled military historians ever since.

The flayed Ravens moves and motives are incalculable most scholars find their actions bizarre and deeply disturbing.

Ratasin- (The Wanderer, The stranger)
The small force of Ravens has been led into the badlands by none other than the Sorceror Ratasin. Some say Ratasin is wandering the world gathering tomes of lost knowledge and one day hopes to challenge the gods themselves. He has stolen tomes far and  wide including some from the Imperial Colleges of Magic, he is a shapeshifter, trickster and particularly loathed by witch hunters.

Ratasin the Wanderer - Chaos Sorceror (90)
Level 1 Wizard; hand weapon; Chaos armour; Charmed Shield. The Will of Chaos; Eye of the Gods.

The Lost Brothers-  10 Chaos Warriors (160)
hand weapon; Chaos armour; shield. The Will of Chaos.

5 Chaos Warhounds (30)
hand weapon. The Will of Chaos; War Beasts.

The Black Talons
5 Marauder Horsemen (85)
hand weapon; shield; spear. The Will of Chaos; Fast Cavalry; Horselords.

Ratasin's dammed
3 Trolls/Skins wolves(135)
blades, spikes, and very bad breath (hand weapon). Mutant Regeneration; Fear; Stupidity; Troll Vomit; Monstrous Infantry.

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