Friday, 16 November 2012

Armies of the Badlands- Lord Yeurl, Dark Elves

Lord Yeurl, Dark Elves

Lord Yeurl was bored; the youngest son in a line of six brothers Yeurl had risen to power after unfortunate accidents befell all six of his brothers...
Clar Karond the city of the corsairs  & the slave docks.  Their cries filled his ears constantly.  Yeurl with a glare and a flick of his hand sent the messenger running.  Khalek, his cold hearted  Captain Corsairs,  strode into view ‘’my Lord?’’  "Ready the Black Ark we sail for the Bad Lands for  glory and slaves"...
Yeurl supervised the loading of his Cold One Rage, only one slave was foolish enough to get in range, he lost an arm for his trouble.  His Black Arc “Fortress of Dominion” rose high above him.  The thrill of the voyage and battles to come filled him.  He would burn his way across the Bad Lands and return home holds overflowing with slaves and trophies..
He was no longer bored..

Lord Yeurl – Lord of Clar Karond mounted on his cold one Rage
Master, Cold One, Heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield, Biting Blade, Luck Stone  = 120 points

Swords of Khaine 5 Cold One Knights, Musician, = 143 points

"The Helldrakes" 10 Corsairs = 125 points
Full Command – led by Khalek

"The Sundered Ones" 7 Shades, = 112 points

= 500 points

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