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Armies of the Badlands- Tzar Azgorath the Unbreakable Prologue-

Tzar Azgorath the Unbreakable

During the age of the first men Karakadon was a living nightmare.
He was a horror that lead hordes of Beastmen beyond counting to war under a single banner when Herds of such immensity had never been seen before. A Beast Shaman of unimaginable power, he had the ability to bind and control any beast to his will even the mightiest Beastlords were pawns at his disposal.
But ages come and go and Karakadon met his end at the hands of Titanic Greater Daemon of Khorne after failing to conquer its mind, in a Blood rage Karakadon was shred and consumed by the Daemon. Before his final breaths were taken he released his spirit to the world and to this day exists possessing and jumping from beast to beast wandering the world.

The clouds pushed across the sky as the final gleam of the moon disappeared from the mouth of the cave and nothing but darkness consumed the depths of the Black Mountain Forest at this moment the Badlands all but stood still, in this time of nothingness Azgorath was born to the world. And from the darkest bowels of the forest he grew.

As a young Gor he joined a Herd lead by an old Wargor Hacorak and they roamed the shadow trails of time past. Hacorak fuelled his herd with a hatred for man and spoke of times when Beast travelled the lands freely and men were nothing but prey to be hunted, nothing more than a hound to be kicked and gouged on. With in this time and time again it stirred the herd into a primal rage where they would breakout into ferocious orgy of combat where dominance and status was earnt, Azgorath still a young Gor but hungry for ascension soon rose as Foe-Render band leader of the Gor.

Hacorak lead for 2 more years during which time their Warband quenched there thrust for battle on human hunting posts, goblin tribes and on occasion there larger Orc cousins and these weird rat men that seem to come out of the same hole every full moon only to find Hacorak and his band waiting. Till one day there herd came across the largest Orc tribe they had ever seen, lead by a furious Savage war boss the size of a small Minotaur. Hacorak instantly went into a primal fury then lead the Herd into a blind battle against the Orcs with a straight charge at the Warboss seeking the choicest kill and glory for himself. Azgorath now a first champion and Gouge-Horn of the Herd seeing is opportunity to ascend further he rushed out to meet Hacorak and challenging him there and then, both now blinded by fury they clashed - teeth and claw - it was over quickly Hacorak lunged for a fast kill and Azgorath stepped back and caught him in motion one hand clasped around a horn the other his neck and ripped out his throat. He held it high and drank from the dripping flesh now overcome by a blood rage he turned and brayed to his herd - they responded in turn and the battle commenced. Carnage ensued both sides of the battle fought in a crazed trance of mindless butchery until all that remained were a scant remanence of the beast herd, Azgorath and the War Boss. Drench in blood primal instincts took over and both champions tossed aside there weapons and went at each, after an explosion fury Azgorath stood still claws sunk deep into the Orc chest feeling the last of his life force leaving is body.

Azgorath now Wargor and General of his own herd leads the remains of his strength south to the heart of the Badlands in the hopes to swell his ranks and bring a new age of terror to men.

Wargor, heavy armour, gnarled hide, great weapon, potion of foolheartiness - 113

The Horde -
15 Gor, Additional Hand Weapon, Foe-Render, Musician - 135

Keen Eye Runts
5 Ungor Raiders - 30

Sure Hoof Runts
5 Ungor Raiders - 30

Rammy - Bestigor Darka's Chariot pulled by the Twins
Tuskgor Chariot - 80

Suzzy -
Razorgor - 55

Matilda -
Razorgor - 55

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