Friday, 30 November 2012

The Wyrd Spring

It's recorded that the Tilean explorer Juan Cabotos made a journey into an unknown land approximately two hundred years ago, most of the records of his journey were destroyed after his trial in Marienburg. The scant records recount that after a unsuccessful search for gold, Juan discovered an ancient spring, which he drunk from. Afterwards he claimed to be immortal. Most disregard the records as it was claimed he was completely insane, although legend persists that he is still chained up in a forgotten dungeon two hundred years after his birth.
Rumours are circulating that  the spring has been finally been rediscovered by a prospector in the badlands. The time has come for the for the best general to stake his claim and perhaps gain immortality.

Scenario Two

 The well is centre of board.
A unit (any unit type) may occupy it just like a building. It may be assaulted just like a building. It may be shot at just like a building except no hard cover is given (skirmish -1 still remains).
You may also panic "out of" the well.
While fighting in close combat, treat it as normal for a building except taking all modifiers into account for working out combat results (the unit holding the well gets no rank bonus but is still stubborn for being within a building). If the occupying unit flees the victor may overrun (possibly cutting them down) and move into the well to now occupy it.

Controlling the well.
Your Hero of Renown may drink from it at the end of each movement phase.

Roll a dice
1: the hero and his/her unit may make no action except flee this turn, as the vomit uncontrollably.

2-4: the hero and their unit heals 2D6 wounds just like the regrowth spell on the lore of light.

5-6: the hero and his unit gains frenzy and hatred!
The controlling army wins the scenario. If no one controls it, use victory points to determine the victor.
If your hero controls it a secrete bonus for next game week will be given out!

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