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Armies of the Badlands- Viktor von Tepes, Vampire Counts

The Tale of Viktor von Tepes

Viktor von Tepes was once a mighty warrior in life, both deadly with blade and lance, seen as the pinnacle of a true knight. He was betrothed to the local Barons daughter, who as the baron had no heir, meant that he was in line to be the next lord. But the Barons brother Charodei incensed that the lordship of the land should pass to one not of their blood plotted against Viktor and his love, usurping the Baron and his family and putting them to death, though Viktor managed to fight his way clear. Forced out of the land he had no choice but to wander the dark forests that surrounded the lands, his mind bent on revenge.
It was in these evil forests during a mighty storm that he came upon a dark and stony manor, and as he was near death from starvation and his wounds from his exile, he begged for entry. The iron gates of the manor swung open, but who had opened the gates von Tepes could not see.
Crossing the yard he could not see signs of life, but he was too far gone to think anything of it. As he went to pound his fist on the black oak door it creaked open, and there stood the Lord of the manor. Crashing down at the Lords feet he begged not for his life, but for vengeance.

The Lord, tall and powerful with alabaster skin, could see as a mighty warrior in the dying mans eyes, and realising that he could have a powerful ally, and lifted Viktor with one power hand to his feet and took him inside. Two days later, Viktor emerged completely healed, strong and lithe, with his skin the same colour as his new Lord whom he was utterly loyal to.

Months passed, and the Baron Charodei enjoyed the spoils of power, till one day a figure arrived at the gates, in blood red armour, and called for the lord of the castle. As the Usurper stood upon the gate walls, he called for the figure to reveal himself, or be shot where he stood.

As the figure removed his helm, the Baron realised he looked familiar, but not as he remembered. The man’s skin was far too pale, his eyes were now a pale blue, and the points of fangs could be seen protruding from his mouth.
“Viktor!!!” he cried, “It cannot be!!”
“Charodei! You took from me my love and life, now I shall take yours!!”
At the cry of the Baron, the archers let loose their arrows, but hit nothing but air. Moving faster than the wind, the vampire burst through the gates, brushing them aside as if they were paper, and begun to slaughter the guard. Nothing but bloodshed of those that had robbed him would now placate the being that was once Viktor von Tepes, and he now bore the blood of Abhorash, one of the greatest warriors the world has ever seen, he was an unstoppable blade compared to the castle guard.
That night the castle burned, only those that were spared were the peasantry and any that had not participate in the destruction of his beloved.

Now Viktor von Tepes strides forth as his Lords greatest warrior having loyally served for over 100 years, and following his latest task, has entered the Badlands to establish the beginnings of an Vampire Empire, but also search for a lost artifact that may give the vampires untold power.

Viktor von Tepes - Vampire Hero
Shield, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon, Dragonhelm

The Rattling Horde
20 Skeleton + FC
shield, spears, light armour

The Newly Dead
20 Zombies
clothes, occasional missing limb, penchant for brainzzz

The Hounds
5 Direwolves

The Winged Horrors
3 Varghiests

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