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Armies of the Badlands- The Shadow Alliance, Wood Elves

Tale of Balethor

As a child Balethor showed amazing skill with a bow being able to shoot a spider crawling down a tree. As time went on he was brought into the ranks of the glade guard were tales of his abilities spread throughout the forest. Mastering the skill to shoot multiple arrows at once was his greatest feat some saying the arrows split from a single bolt.

One day as the elves where sleeping a shrouded figure came into the heart of the forest where Balethor and his people lived blue flames surrounded his hand calling out he shot balls of blue fire into the trees killing many elves and burning many buildings. Balethor awoke went to his bow and moved to fight. Balethor fired 3 bolts at the sorcerer and just as they would hit him in the chest the arrows burnt up as if hitting a wall of blue fire. They had no choice but to retreat and into the darkest parts of the forest. The sorcerers power corrupted the ground as he moved deeper in the forest here he began to speak as he did fire began to erupt from the ground in waves turning all the trees a dead pale purple. Suddenly a great ancient Treeman the likes Balethor had never seen arose from the darkness this colossal Treeman made the earth shake beneath him. He swung his massive arms at the sorcerer however the aura was to strong. This did not stop the ancient as he attacked over and over every attack sending a shock wave through the forest. Balethor saw his opportunity to strike running behind he drew back 3 arrows and as the Treeman was about to strike Balethor fired just as the Treeman hit the aura the bolts from Balethors bow penetrated the aura striking the head of the sorcerer. An unnatural sound resonated from the slain sorcerer and the fire all around exploded in a great inferno burning everything in the area. The Treeman had moved quickly grabbing Balethor and covered him from the fire. Balethor awoke with the towering form of the once powerful Treeman all around him. He walked through the forest to his home and could see the forest had changed. As he returned to his people they stared at him with shocked looks upon their faces. As he got nearer he noticed he was looking down upon them which he had never done before he looked down on his body and realised he was now no normal elf his slender form had changed. As time passed he did not understand what had happened but he knew he was now faster, stronger and more powerful than ever. With this strength he fashioned a bow bigger and stronger than normal Glade Guard bow. He now moves silently around the forest the silent protector of the forest moving in the shadow killing all that enters not waiting to see their purpose but striking them down in one shot.

Balethor is accompanied only by the best archers in the land all who seek him out to learn and follow him into any battle. With his size and power Balethor commands respect from Dryads and all forest sprits that can see the power of the ancient Treeman surrounding Balethor.

Tel’ Sindavathar (The Shadow Alliance) shroud themselves in dark purple colours to best hide among the strange tainted purple forest. They are the silent keepers of the forest no enemy as seen them just darting shadows and an arrow entering their chest.
Now in these times the Badlands are covered with many enemies that Balethor believes are a threat to his home and understands he must to stray away from his home in order to make sure no one enters his forest again.

list as follows
Tel' Sindavathar (The Shadow Alliance)

Noble - Alter Kindred, Seed of Rebirth, shield

The Shadows
12x Glade Guard - muso

The Wicked
8x Dryads

8x Dryads


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